Guide to Belotero Revive Skin Treatment

Here at Enhanced Aesthetics we are proud to introduce a new treatment at the clinic, Belotero Revive Skin Treatment. We want to provide our clients with the new, trending skincare treatments! Belotero Revive Skin Treatment is a new treatment that will leave our clients having natural, glowing skin. In our state-of-the-art clinic in Newry, we are looking forward to seeing the amazing final results! 

Here’s a guide to Belotero Revive Skin Treatment: 

What exactly is this treatment? 

Belotero Revive Skin Treatment is a light injectable hyaluronic acid gel which also contains glycerol, a powerful hydrating agent. This treatment treats the early signs of sun damage by rehydrating the skin, improving elasticity and firmness, and smoothing superficial fine lines by reducing skin roughness. It works beneath the skin’s surface to provide hydration but can also be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, or as a preventative and early aesthetic intervention treatment to slow the progression of facial changes over time. 

How long does it last? 

Belotero Revive Treatment has long-lasting results of reduced skin pigmentation and hydration which last around 9-12 months. Although, this does depend on factors such as the structure of your skin, lifestyle and age. 

What areas does Belotero treatment target? 

Belotero treatment is used to:

-fill in lines around your eyes, nose and mouth 

-correct under eye bags 

-fill forehead wrinkles 

Contour your cheeks and jawline 

-correct small nose bumps 

What should I do after Belotero Treatment? 

 You should notice the effects of Belotero immediately after treatment. However, it’s best to avoid the following for 24 hours after your appointment: 

-Strenuous activity 

-Excessive heat or sun exposure 

-Alcoholic beverages 

Our ethos is to enhance our clients’ already natural beauty. We provide patient centred solutions to achieve a fresh and revitalised appearance. Here, at Enhanced Aesthetics we hope that all our clients have the best possible Christmas! We can’t wait to see everyone in the New Year and remember to book in for any treatments with us today!