With the weather getting colder and the days getting darker, now is the time to start preparing your skin for the winter coldness. As colder temperatures approach, dry air, frigid winds, and constant exposure to indoor heating can suck the moisture from your skin and strip it of oils essential for healthy skin barrier function. Don’t worry, an entire overhaul of your skin products isn’t going to be necessary! A few simple swaps and additions will get you the perfect skincare routine. 

Here are a few tips on what to include in your winter skincare routine: 

-Switch from lotion-based moisturiser to cream based 

One of the most important things to remember during the winter months is to keep your skin well hydrated. A lighter lotion is perfect for the summer months but when the temperatures start to nose-dive, a creamier moisturiser is needed. As your skin produces fewer oils in the winter months, it is important to switch to a heavier moisturizer to help keep those important oils locked in your skin. Also, make sure to include SPF in your moisturiser. Even though between the months of November to February the UV index falls to “low risk” in the UK, it is still important to have SPF on your skin to protect it at all times. 

-Layer your skincare

During the winter months we layer up on clothes, so the same goes for your skincare. It is important to layer up in order to protect your skin from becoming dry and sensitive. Layering allows you to address multiple skin concerns with different products at the same time. When layering, apply lightest to heaviest i.e. toner first, serum second and moisturiser third. Some ingredients to look out for when shopping for your winter moisturiser are creams which include, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, bakuchiol and botanical oils. These ingredients are known to soothe inflammation, restore hydration and strengthen the skin barrier. 

-Take extra care of eye area and lips 

The skin around your eyes and lips is thinner and has little-to-no oil glands to protect itself. Replenishing moisture will help smooth and plump the under eye area and lessen the look of dark circles. These can appear even darker when skin is dehydrated. Eye masks are also a good way of moisturising the skin around your eyes during the winter months. They also help diminish puffiness, dryness, fine lines, and dark circles. Your lips also need extra care during the winter months as they can’t produce oil to protect themselves and are always exposed. Try using a lip balm that is ointment based and exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub 2-3 times a week. This will help keep your lips hydrated and prevent any chance of them becoming chapped. 

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