The demand is growing to improve the onset of lines and to generally make yourself look better (well at least in most cases). But the demand for lip fillers surpasses that of all other treatments. Due to the role of social media and the belief that larger lips are more attractive, lip fillers have been the new craze the last few years, with everyone going for that fuller look. At Enhanced Aesthetics Newry, we commonly use lip fillers to provide fullness and plumpness to the lips. The filler adds volume and can be used to enhance and reshape, thin or ageing lips. 

-What exactly are lip filler injections? 

Dermal Lip Filler injections are products, predominantly consisting of hyaluronic acid that rejuvenates the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found in your body. It helps to eliminate wrinkles, enhance the skin and replaces volume lost in soft tissues. As we age, our skin becomes much more susceptible to sagging and wrinkles. Coupled with sun damage and muscle movements, whether that’s chewing, smiling or squinting, tissue continues to break down in the skin. 

-How long do lip fillers last? 

Lip fillers are not permanent and most last 6-12 months. The body naturally adjusts to the hyaluronic acid and your lips will slowly return to their natural shape and size over time. However, you can get surgical lip fillers that last a lifetime. This procedure is great if you have had continuous lip filler injections and you’re ready for a permanent change. 

-What do I do to maintain my lip filler post procedure? 

After getting fillers, it’s normal for your lips to be swollen, tender, and even a little bruised. Letting them heal and treating them well is key to keeping them looking their best for as long as possible. Here are some tips to help your lips recover properly: 

-Don’t sleep on your face 

-Try not to drink alcohol for a few days before or after (alcohol can thin the blood and make bruising worse). 

-Don’t drink from straws immediately after an injection 

-What’s the most important lip filler advice to consider? 

Always do sufficient research on your chosen practitioner and never start with too much filler. Start with a small amount and if you want to go bigger, you and your practitioner can review how much you need. Before your appointment, make sure you’re fully prepped – speak with the clinic to make sure you know what you’re allowed and not allowed to take before the treatment.  

Lip fillers offer instant results and at Enhanced Aesthetics Newry we aim to achieve subtle, natural looking results with lip fillers. At Enhanced Aesthetics and skincare clinic we believe in enhancing your natural beauty.