All you need to know about Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Let’s face it, after the year we’ve had we are all gaining a few more wrinkles. Ageing is inevitable but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a few treatments to delay the process… 

If you are finding the effects of ageing on your skin difficult to deal with then it may be time to try Anti-Wrinkle treatment. Here is all you need to know: 

-What exactly is Anti-wrinkle treatment? 

Anti-wrinkle treatments contain a protein that is highly effective in reducing the movement of the muscles in the face. This protein therefore reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, allowing the skin to appear fresher and rejuvenated. The treatment works on the facial muscles, not the actual skin, even though the outcome is smoother looking skin. 

-How does this treatment work and how long does it last? 

The lines that appear on our face are the result of repetitive action like frowning, raising our eyebrows or squinting in the sun and smiling. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin and our skin starts to hold on to those creases rather than bounce back. The sooner you can get on top of those lines that are creasing, the better your results will be. There will be more elastin and collagen still existing within the skin to be able to cover and pop those lines out. At Enhanced Aesthetics, we find that the average active working time of anti-wrinkle treatments range from 3-4 months. 

-When’s the best time to start Anti-wrinkle treatment? 

Collagen helps skin cells adhere to one another and gives the skin strength and elasticity. If you start noticing faint creases in your skin, when your collagen production decreases, then that’s the best time to begin your anti-wrinkle treatment. Even in your 20s, it is beneficial to begin using anti-ageing creams and moisturisers. Your skin starts losing collagen in your 30s so it is recommended that you begin the preventative treatments before this begins to happen. 

-Does this mean the treatment is less effective when you are older? 

It doesn’t matter how old you are, anti-wrinkle treatment can still be effective. With age you may need to add some additional treatments to help smooth out the deeper lines but the most important thing is to address that repetitive muscle action. 

At Enhanced Aesthetics, we believe in complimenting your natural beauty. By targeting specific areas of the face, we can deliver small doses of anti-wrinkle treatments, just below the skin surface. If you would like to find out more about anti-wrinkle injections at Enhanced Aesthetics and how they may help you, we can arrange a skin consultation so that an individual bespoke plan can be created. 

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