We are already over half way through 2021 and the skincare world has seen many trends emerge. With everyone stuck at home due to COVID-19, the skincare industry has had to adapt and diversify. The industry has so far been hugely successful at doing so. Research has showed that online skincare sales have increased by 42%, the industry is going from strength to strength. 

From skincare devices and beauty supplements, to laser treatments, skin renewal protocols and taking a more natural approach to achieving that elusive healthy glow. There really has been a bit of everything in 2021. At Enhanced Aesthetics, we are focused to provide patient centred solutions and will cater to all customer needs.

Here are the skincare trends of 2021: 

-Online Dermatology 

2021 has been the year of bringing basically everything into the comfort of your own home. Online skin consultations have become a new craze with dermatologists able to now deliver their services via Zoom or Facetime. By simply sending images of your skin, dermatologists can now prescribe skincare and give advice. Many consumers have discovered DIY skin solutions, such as homemade avocado skin masks to exfoliating with oatmeal honey before bed. It is predicted that the demand for professional results from home is going to continue to grow. 

-Inclusive Skincare 

Inclusive Skincare is equally effective on all skin tones, suitable for all genders, and will provide the desired results no matter which of the five basic skin type categories you fall into. Brands, such as Fenty Skin, have had huge success this year with the skincare industry becoming a driving force for inclusivity. Fenty Skin released a 40 shade foundation range which was hugely successful and was seen as the biggest inclusivity move in the skincare industry in years. Inclusivity has now become a highly important part of brand innovation. Although there is still a long way to go in terms of complete inclusivity, 2021 has seen major strides being made. 

-Blue Light Protection Skincare 

With our screen-time skyrocketing this year, there have been new findings that Blue-light, or high energy visible (HEV) light, has affected our skin. Many brands have now tried to create protective moisturisers and other creams to try and protect our skin from the never-ending blue light we stare at every day. Research is very much still ongoing in regard to this, it is more than likely that all brands will follow into this side of the industry. 

-The Rise of Handcare 

With our hands now being sanitised multiple times a day, there has been a massive increase in hand care products. Sanitizing our hands has led to dry skin and sores, meaning now more than ever we are using hand cream and hand ‘masks.’ Some skincare brands have even started to develop their own line of hand sanitisers to profit off the huge demand. 

We are already wondering what crazy trends 2022 has in store. At Enhanced Aesthetics, we have a wealth of industry knowledge and have the experience to adapt and diversify along with these trends. Contact us today to see all the fabulous services we have to offer!