Everyone talks about their daily skin routine to keep their skin feeling fresh but what about a weekly routine. Over lockdown it seemed like the whole world became skincare experts. Everywhere you looked there were ads about skin care products, videos demonstrating skincare routines and everyone was talking about the different ways they take care of their skin. 

Many dermatologists came out to say that this trend has gotten out of hand and the amount of products we are using could be harming our skin.

So what should we be doing? A weekly skincare routine may be more beneficial than your daily routine you are used to.

Your daily skincare routine

There are some aspects of your skincare routine that you should be practicing daily, i.e. washing your face, cleansing and toning and this should be carried out in the am and the pm. 

Keeping your skin hydrated should be your main focus when developing a skincare routine. When your skin is hydrated it looks and feels better which puts a smile on your face! At Enhanced Aesthetics, our favourite skincare product to help keep your skin hydrated is hyaluronic acid. 

Hyaluronic acid has many benefits that makes it our no.1 choice. It not only hydrates your skin, as moisturiser does. It can reduce visibility of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating your skin creating a plumping effect. 

Another way to keep your skin hydrated is a hydrating mist. This can be sprayed on as a little extra just before you head out or put your makeup on for that extra hydration. 

…and of course DRINK YOUR WATER.

Your weekly skin routine

When it comes to your weekly routine we have a few tips that will help your skin feel fresh without overdoing it. 

Peeling solution is now an essential part of our weekly routine but it must only be used once a week. Peeling solution exfoliates the uppermost layer of your skin and enhances the brightness of your natural skin tone. It is used to help fight blemishes and improve radiance. This product should be used in the evening as it can leave the skin very sensitive to sunlight. 

Another wonderful skin care product we want to share with you is the clay mask. There are a lot of variations of clay masks but the benefits are all similar. 

Clay masks have the ability to minimize the appearance of pores around your face, remove impurities and absorb excess oil. People with sensitive skin can use clay masks as they can be hydrating for your skin and can also smooth your skin leaving it feeling clean, fresh and that bit tighter.

Just be careful not to over do it!

Enhanced Aesthetics treatments

Of course taking care of your skin at home has so many benefits but sometimes you may feel your skin just needs that something extra. At Enhanced Aesthetics we have an array of skin treatments that can leave your skin looking and feeling like new.

Take a look at our services today or book in for a consultation.