Taking Care of Your Skin During Springtime

Spring 2021 has well and truly sprung! After a long and particularly hard winter, I think we are all ready for a bit of sunshine. As the seasons change, our skincare routines should change too! We should adapt our routines to suit the weather. Springtime is filled with blustery days, cool sunshine and crisp, brisk mornings. So, here are our top tips for taking care of your skin during springtime.


Use a light moisturiser

Did you know that your skin naturally holds more water in the spring and summer? With this in mind, it’s important to remember that you won’t need a heavy moisturiser during these seasons. Our recommendation is a hyaluronic acid or water based formula. No matter which one you choose, be sure to layer on a sunscreen that is at least SPF50. Sun damage to your skin can happen no matter how the sky looks!

Don’t forget to exfoliate

The bitter, harsh cold of Autumn and Winter brings with it dry, flaky skin. This is why we urge you not to forget to exfoliate. Not just your face – you need to gently exfoliate your entire body from head to toe! After you’ve done this, be sure to use a light lotion and you’re feel as fresh as a spring morning!

Spring cleaning time!

We all do it, hanging on to old makeup and skincare products far longer than we should. Did you know that these can host a crowd of bacteria and could actually lead to dull skin? Check the date on your products and be sure to throw them out when they’re past it! When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Did you know that you should be giving them a scrub twice a week?! 

Use a serum 

Hydrating serums can work wonders on your skin! If you want to up your skin care game, use a serum with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, vitamin B5 and glycerin!

Book in with us for a consultation

We recommend booking in with us for a consultation so that we can assess your skin and consider the areas that we can help you with. We want to enhance your natural beauty and make you the most confident version of yourself, so why not pop in for a chat?

We hope these tips for taking care of your skin during springtime will get your on your way. Want to get in touch about a consultation? Contact us.

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